Pumps Tuthill TR series

Pumps Tuthill TR series

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Warranty: 1 year

Product Overview
• Pressure to 200 PSI
• Automatic Reversing
• Positive Displacement
• Automatic Pressure Relief
• Designed for OEM built in Applications
• Four Series, Multiple Sizes - 0.13 to 135 GPM
• Configuration 1: Tab/Pin in Torque Ring Mates with Slot in Machinery Drive Shaft
• Configuration 2: Slot in Torque Ring Mates with Tab/Pin in Machinery Drive Shaft
• Pump Consists of Rotor/Torque Rings, Assembly, Idler, Carrier Assembly, and Floating Plate
• Cover - See Pages ()
• Springs and Transfer Bushings - See Pages ()
General Pump Operation
In operation all parts of the pump assembly rotate with the drive shaft except the idler gear, idler carrier, and cover. Driven by the rotor assembly, the idler gear turns on the idler pin, and because it has one less tooth than the rotor gear with which it meshes, pumping action is created. The idler carrier is positioned against the cover. 
When the drive shaft changes rotation, the idler carrier rotates 180° degrees, maintaining the same direction of flow. The relief valve spring (or pre-compressed spring assembly) keeps all parts of the pumping unit together at less than relief valve settings. 
When relief pressure is reached the spring compresses and pump clearances increase, allowing oil to bypass between the idler carrier and the gear set, and this oil is relieved externally of the pump.

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