Tuthill Pump 4300 Series

Tuthill Pump 4300 Series

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Production: Tuthill Pump

Warranty: 1 year

pumps Tuthill 4300 Series are provided with mechanical face type seals. Ten models provide capacities from 6 to 84 GPM. pumps Tuthill 4300 Series are supplied with Woodruff keyway shafts. Pumps may be provided with outboard ball bearing, relief valve and choice of Buna N, Neoprene, Viton or EPR seal. An optional mounting foot is also available
These pumps are capable of handling inlet pressures to 250 psi at standard 1750 rpm motor speeds. Maximum discharge pressure capability is 300 psi. Maximum differential pressure capability is 150 psi.
Unless otherwise specified at the time of order, all 4310 pumps with an internal relief valve are supplied with the standard spring, with
a range of 30-225 psi (10 - 200 psi in size 2 pumps), set to provide full bypass relief at 90 psi. To adjust the relief setting within the range
of a given spring’s capability.
With a small wrench, hold the adjusting screw steady then with a second wrench, loosen the locking nut by rotating counterclockwise.
Throttle the outlet line until the differential pressure at the pump port reaches the desired level. If the pressure fails to reach this
level with the throttling valve closed, turn the adjusting screw inward (clockwise) until the desired pressure is reached. If the pressure
reaches the desired level before the throttling valve is completely closed, turn the adjusting screw outward (counterclockwise) until the
desired pressure is reached. Retighten the nut to lock the setting in place and recheck the pressure gauge reading

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